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ExpressionEngine CMS Benefits

When DKKMA used ExpressionEngine for the first time, everything changed. We've been pushing the limits ever since, only to find that there are none with ExpressionEngine. Probably explains why ExpressionEngine is easily our favorite CMS platform.


If it's not included out of the box, we can add it. Around 2180 professional ExpressionEngine add-ons are available for purchase and if we can't find what you're looking for, we will develop it for you.

Open Source Foundation

CodeIgniter is the open-source core of ExpressionEngine. CodeIgniter is the PHP framework of choice for premiere PHP developers.

Best of Both Worlds

ExpressionEngine is lovingly produced by a team of committed developers, on an open source foundation. ExpressionEngine's code base is 100% open, transparent, and extensible.

Insane power and flexibility

ExpressionEngine's renowned flexibility allows us to build websites that fulfill your needs and creative vision entirely. EE grows and scales in unison with your business.

Control Panel

Also known as the “back end”, the Control Panel is where most of your interaction with ExpressionEngine will take place. Here you’ll publish and edit your content, control the look and feel of your site, manage your members and much more.

Commercial Support

ExpressionEngine, on the other hand, has paid and dedicated support. If a problem with your business website comes up that we can’t answer, we can reach out directly to the source.

ExpressionEngine vs Wordpress

WordPress is free, open-source software. The non-existent price tag is one of the reasons it is so popular. But because it is free, that also means WordPress does not have paid support staff.

Why we recommend ExpressionEngine over Wordpress (Wordpress vs ExpressionEngine) (PDF, 389 kb)

A powerful platform with endless possibilities

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