How does Inbound Marketing Work?

1. Attract New Leads


Your website is likely the most important tool when it comes to inbound marketing. It’s critical that all content is easy to understand and relevant.


Having a great website is not enough. In order to get found by the right prospective customers, you must create educational content that speaks to them and answers their questions.

Keywords / SEO

Use keywords and phrases that your prospects use to find you or a close competitor on Google. Don’t hesitate to ask your customers how they found you and listen carefully what sort of problems they are looking to solve - there’s something to write about right there!

Social Publishing

Share your content to maximize reach. Concentrate on 1-2 social networks where your prospects spend most of their time. Do not try to do everything, everywhere. It’s only natural that one network will work better for you than another.

2. Convert Leads

Call to Action

Calls-to-action are buttons or links that encourage your visitors to take action. Make them stand out - do not hesitate to experiment with the design, wording or placement.

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Landing Pages

When a visitor clicks on a call-to-action button or link, they should be taken to a landing page. Your landing page should focus on a single product or service - your goal is, to collect your visitor’s details.


In order for visitors to become leads, they must fill out a form and submit their information. Don’t overwhelm them with a long list of questions but keep it simple and collect only what you really need to get the process rolling.

3. Close Deal


If your prospect is not ready to become a customer, a series of useful, educational emails can builds trust and help the prospect become ready to buy.

We usually refer to that as drip marketing campaign.


Keep track of all contacts, companies, and deals in your pipeline, and easily get in touch with the right prospects at the right time.

Tip: Integrate your website and CRM to automatically add leads to your sales funnel.

4. Delight Cutomer

Our inbound journey doesn’t end after you’ve closed the deal. After all, a happy customer may may not only send more business your way but will also talk about you - to other potential customers.

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