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Social Media | 2014-08-05 | Comments

Get the most out of Google Plus (Marketing Strategy)

There are many ways to get the most out of your Google Plus marketing strategy. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you optimise your posts, increase the number of followers and get more traffic to your Website.

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Programming Support

Stop Salesforce Web-to-Lead Spam

2014-08-03 | Comments

If your company is using Salesforce Web-to-Lead, you're likely experiencing a lot of spam. However, there's a relatively easy solution for this problem.


Quick look: Enterprise social network Loomideck

2014-06-07 | Comments

There are many tools that promise to make our life easier. However, over the years, many of these tools become bloated as vendors are adding new features and integrations.

Social Media

We are Hootsuite Ambassador for EMEA

2014-05-14 | Comments

We are delighted to announce that one of our team member has recently been appointed as a HootSuite Ambassador for the EMEA region.

Business Case Study

Connect Harvest to Quickbooks Online

2014-04-02 | Comments

If you are using Harvest to track your time and Invoice your clients, here is something you have been waiting for: A native Harvest to Quickbooks Online connection.

Design News

Managed Email Marketing

2014-03-24 | Comments

We know that many businesses struggle with Email Marketing so we thought about a solution: Managed Email Marketing. The best is, 25,000 Emails per Month are on us!

Business Case Study

How ExpressionEngine saves you cash

2014-03-22 | Comments

We at DKKMA are ExpressionEngine fanatics. We absolutely love the way this CMS works and so do our clients. However, one things get's overlooked easily - just how powerful ExpressionEngine is.


Google AdWords done right - don’t link to your Homepage!

2014-03-07 | Comments

Whether you are just getting started with Google AdWords or have been running your campaign for some time - There is one thing many companies get wrong: They link to their homepage.

Case Study Design

How much does web development cost? [UPDATE]

2014-03-01 | Comments

As web design agency we have completed many projects over the years. Starting with small shops and one-page sites, up to complex CMS based websites for large cooperation. Today we take a quick look at what different types of websites cost.


Made in creative UK - join and raise awareness

2014-03-01 | Comments

Just recently we have heard of a campaign called 'Made in creative UK'. We were so moved by their aim, we decided to contribute - you should too! Many people, even those from the UK, are not even aware how many fantastic products are made here.

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